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Product Guy Project Kick Off

July 25, 2009


Wednesday night we hosted a dinner at Dog Patch Lab with a bunch of friends from the biz to help us brainstorm our Product Guy Project.

Our objective is simple: find the very best product talent in Silicon Valley — to place in our portfolio; to back someday; and/or to work with in some capacity.

Thanks to the terrific group who joined us for a few hours of good talk on the topic together with some kickass barbecue and beer: Bryan and Maggie Mason, Narendra Rocherolle, James Currier, Hunter Walk, Hiten Shah, Ryan Spoon, Zach Allia, Daniel Clemens, Maureen Fan, plus Bob Metcalfe, Lindsay Barnett and myself from Polaris.

We had a great discussion, and have some really good ideas that are STARTing to brew… Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing more.


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  1. aproductguy #
    July 25, 2009

    What a GREAT name for a project!! Wish i knew one 😉

    Great concept though…I *may* be biased, but while technical founders are absolutely essential, most of those guys are successful not just because they are brilliant engineers, but because they are engineers with a great nose for product design and usability. In absence of that rare and unique combo, in the early stages where the product is the most important thing, it’s very important for an engineer to partner with someone with a product background (rather than a business or sales guy, if they have the choice).

  2. July 25, 2009

    thanks for hosting us mike – great group, good ideas

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