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Kudos for @ericries and @seanellis

August 26, 2009


Back in July, we hosted a customer development workshop for some Polaris portfolio companies and Dog Patch Labs denizens, lead by Eric Ries and Sean Ellis.

Eric took content from his Lean Startup approach, and Sean from his 12in6 consulting practice, and they created a bangup workshop.

We asked participants to share feedback, and I thought I would share some of what we heard.  The group greatly valued the concreteness of the discussion, and the favorite takeaway was “the iteration loop to finding product market fit and the real world example of companies testing product/market fit and pivoting until they find it.” The following two quotes sum up the group’s reactions:

“We gained a lot out of the event.  It was really well suited to what we’re working on, and we’ve taken some of the strategies from the talk and put them to practice.  Thanks for inviting us, and would love to attend future events.”

“Great workshop! I thought I’ve read all your blog postings but still came away very impressed.”

Thanks to Eric and Sean for a fantastic workshop. Stay tuned for word on other workshops this fall.

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  1. TS #
    August 26, 2009


    Very glad to hear that. Eric is coming to Boston Nov 19th and we are working to make the event a great success. anyone interested may pre register here.
    If any interested party out there would like to help by sponsoring or seeking sponsors, please contact me.

    summit at genotrope dot com

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