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Virgin America

September 1, 2009


After three blissful weeks without once boarding a plane, I am back in the air, en route to SF via Virgin America.

And once again they exceed expectations.  Head pounding, I ask the flight attendant, William, if they have aspirin. He returns with a veritable headache care package: 14 Tylenol, swiss chocolate, coffee (yes, I broke my no-caffeine pledge for the cause). 30 minutes later, headache is gone. XXX asks me how I am feeling, and then, further asks me how I like the Virgin America product. And, he genuinely cares. Turns out William was a senior flight attendant for USAir, but tired of the discontent and low quality of service, and gave up his pension and other benefits of seniority to join Virgin America where he could be proud of his employer.

Yes, happy employees and great customer service make a difference.

Keep it up , Virgin!


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  1. September 8, 2009

    I flew Virgin for the first time to @berecruited’s wedding and I must say it was amazing. From the way the plane was lit to the endless features available at your seat (game controllers, wireless internet, power plugs, movies on demand). I felt entertained and happy to be on an airplane for the first time ever. The fact they kept all announcements during a red eye flight to visual on the screen in front of you rather than audible and waking up sleeping customers show how much they care.

    I’ll fly virgin every time from here on out.

  2. Eve #
    December 14, 2014

    Holy shitzin, this is so cool thank you.

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