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Using Twitter to Build New Relationships in the REAL World

January 11, 2010


Yet another reason I love Twitter: it is leading me to meet really smart, interesting people.

Over the last few months I twice have had the experience of seeing a blog post retweeted, reading the post, following the author, deciding I really like what the guy has to say, Tweeting him to suggest meeting, meeting him, and having fascinating conversations that, hopefully, will lead to ongoing relationships.

The first was Chris Dixon aka @cwdixon, who I think is one of the very best startup bloggers out there, and is a pretty damn impressive entrepreneur and investor as well.

The second was just this past week. I can’t remember who, but someone RT’d a blog post by Brad Cross on machine vs. human learning. It was a great post. So I started following Brad on Twitter, and realized he is full of lots of great stuff. So, I tweeted him to see if he wanted to meet in person, which he did. We met last Friday. He, my colleague Ryan Spoon and I had a fantastic conversation yesterday, and came up with some ideas on stuff we could work on together at Dogpatch Labs.

Two retweets of interesting posts, two new relationships with super interesting people I didn’t know before Twitter.


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  1. February 17, 2011

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  2. April 28, 2011

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