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Big Day for Brizzly

March 10, 2010


Congrats and kudos to the team at Thing Labs, our portfolio company that is the creator of Brizzly, on launching today a few exciting new products.

First is the Brizzly Guide, which expands on the trend explanations already shown in Brizzly by giving each topic its own Guide page. Guide pages are permanent sources for up-to-date information on topics people are talking about. You can access these pages even after a topic is no longer showing in Brizzly’s top 10 and you don’t need to be a Brizzly user to see these pages.  With some work and a little luck, Brizzly Guide pages will, we hope, become important sources of real-time content across a huge range of topics.

On a related note, Thing Labs is announcing today that they have acquired WikiRank, the visualization web app based on Wikipedia data, from the great folks over at Small Batch, Inc.  WikiRank will be integrated into the Brizzly Guide.

Lastly, I am excited to report the arrival today of Brizzly for iPhone.  Brizzly for iPhone is a free app, available for download in the iTunes App Store. To help develop the right experience, Thing Labs acquired one of their favorite iPhone applications, Birdfeed, and worked hand in hand with the developer to add new features and release it as the new Brizzly for iPhone.

So what are you waiting for? Go Brizzly!

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