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AOL Buys Tacoda

July 25, 2007


AOL announced yesterday it is buying behavioral ad targetting firm Tacoda for a reported $275 million.

Lots of chatter about it in the blogosphere.

This strikes me as a pretty smart deal (perhaps more so than some other recent acquisitions…).

AOL’s purchase of was probably the smartest move the struggling portal has made. Tacoda adds a piece most ad networks are missing, with scale to boot.

Online ad networks with smart targetting capabilities will be an important trend over the next couple years.

Good Mail

February 15, 2006


Last week’s AOL/Goodmail announcement was greeted by quite a brouhaha, much of which raised concerns about Goodmail’s email certification service.

I must be missing something, but I just don’t get what the problem is here. I know the Goodmail guys pretty well, and frankly I think it is a great idea. As my partner Bob Metcalfe has long maintained, spam is not a technology problem, it is a market discontinuity, and the best solution to it is a market solution, just like Goodmail’s.

As far as I am concerned, good luck to Goodmail!

(Full disclosure, I am not a Goodmail investor but wish I was!).