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WordPress vs. Facebook

April 18, 2008


Fred Wilson got a great discussion going on WordPress vs. Facebook, or, more specifically, how and why blogging is going to become the social network for adults.

It’s a good provocative post but even better is the conversation in the comments.

Mine is here.

WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s is here.

Other interesting comments from less notorious bloggers (haha!) are here and here and here

Congrats Sheryl!

March 5, 2008


Dave Goldberg is an old buddy of mine from college.

Goldie, as we call him, is a great guy who is pretty talented in his own right (he did, after all, found Launch and then run Yahoo Music for way too many years).

But poor Goldie is sometimes overshadowed by his scary smart wife Sheryl who, it turns out, also has been scary successful. After cleaning up in the academic realm (not everyone graduates summa cum laude from Harvard or is a Baker scholar at HBS), Sheryl went on to such menial low impact jobs like being an economist at the World Bank and being Chief of Staff at the US Treasury Department. She then tried her hand at this Internet thing and was one of the early VPs, running a new little product called “AdSense” at this little Silicon Valley startup called “Google.” That worked out OK.

Yesterday Sheryl announced she was leaving Google to join another little web startup as COO — it is called “the Facebook.” Ever hear of it?

Congrats, and good luck, Sheryl — and, congrats to Facebook for landing her!


June 3, 2007


I’ve been meaning to join Facebook for a while and just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Got a few invites this weekend which were a good prompt.

Seems like a newer, fresher, cooler LinkedIn.

We’ll give it a go.

Bubble Shmubble: Facebook Platform Shows the Way

May 26, 2007


There has been lots of handwringing over the last 6 months ago about the Web 2.0 bubble and what will happen when it pops.

Even the king of Web 2.0 punditry (if you have to ask…) has bemoaned the current state of affairs — “times are good, money is flowing, and Silicon Valley sucks.

Sure, there is an Internet bubble, some of the recent acquisitions have been at deliciously ridiculous valuations, and sure lots of the Web 2.0 features getting funded will never be viable businesses (or even nonviable businesses, for that matter).

But none of this changes the fact that, with our without the hype and silliness, there still is a very substantial wave of industry changing stuff building here.

If I had to bet — and I guess that is what I do for a living, after all — I would lay down that over the next 3-5 years there will be a handful of important new “platform” companies – in the true sense of the word – that emerge from the primordial goo we now call Web 2.0. Microsoft, Yahoo, and even Google all will face new challengers.

I only hope that some of my portfolio companies have a crack at this lofty goal.

Facebook clearly does, and its declaration this week that it is launching the Facebook Platform and allowing third party application developers deep access to its service and users, is brilliant. For links to the discussion go here.

Facebook clearly has reached critical mass, not just in terms of breadth of adoption but also in terms of depth of usage. And credit to them that they understand that this gives them the opportunity not just to be a site with massive traffic and therefore ad revenue, but more importantly to become a platform.

Check back in 3 years or so and I bet Facebook is one of those important platform companies.

MySpace will be where you go to watch 24.