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Thursday’s Fatblog

March 16, 2007


Thanks to still being on East Coast time, I got up ridiculously early and was able to get to the gym and catch up on email and reading before breakfast. That’s the good news.

Did pretty well during the day, until I hooked up with some pals in Deer Valley (sneaking in a couple days of skiing on my way home) and pigged on Thai food, pie and ice cream…


March 13, 2007


Jason Calacanis has been “fatblogging” about his weight, diet and exercise routine.

I’m going to try the same thing

I’ve really packed on the weight over the last 12-15 months, and have tried South Beach, running a (mini) triathlon, a new years’ resolution, you name it, I still am behaving poorly. I love food and have trouble consistently finding time to work out.

So I am going to try fatblogging. I think publicly fessing up might help me have more discipline. Please bear with me. I’m sure my eating exploits are of very little interest, so just skip right over those posts.

Off to breakfast now, let’s see how I do!