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Recruiting Online Talent

July 21, 2007


Yesterday the AP ran a story about online video talent which prominently featured Polaris portfolio companies and JibJab. It is a pretty fun read.

JibJab Meets President Bush

March 28, 2007


After years of poking fun at Dubbya, Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, the JibJab brothers, are actually going to meet him in person.

Every year the inside the beltway muckety-mucks, and the political correspondents, have a big black tie shmoozefest where they basically spend the night roasting each other. I’ve never been but I am told it is quite an evening. I could be mistaken, but i believe this is the event where Redskins fullback John Riggins uttered the infamous “loosen up Sandy-baby” line to then Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

This year, JibJab was invited to give a roast of their own.

It will be airing tonight at the dinner, which will be on CSPAN. Their video, “What We Call the News,” will also be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight…

And, of course, we’ll have a copy, along with some **EXCLUSIVE** behind the scenes footage, up here on VCMike!

Chris Pirillo Interviews Greg Spiridellis

October 22, 2006


Here is a really fun Chris Pirillo podcast with Greg Spiridellis on the history of JibJab, Goog-Tube, turning down a Hollywood movie deal and the promise of digital media.