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Online Video Ahead of Music, Photos?

October 2, 2007


According to a just released Avenue A/Razorfish poll, more respondents state that they regularly watch video online ( 67%) than those who regularly purchase music (42%) or use photosharing sites (41%).

More evidence that the video web is, in fact, the next big thing..

(Hat tip: Silicon Alley Insider)

Heavy Launches Sequential Ads

July 22, 2007


The guys at Heavy have been hard at work developing new and more effective video ad products.

Their latest thing — “sequential ads” — launched this week, and allows advertisers to string together a number of sequentially linked ads over the course of a particular piece of content.

This move was written up by MediaWeek.

Their next new ad product initiative is called “Husky” and will be going to beta in August. Stay tuned!

Rupert’s Master Plan

March 27, 2007


Robert Young has a good post today on NewTeeVee on the Newscorp/NBC YouTube competitor.

His basic point is that Murdoch is the ultimate winner in getting the major media companies (or at least one of them to date) to make their content available for online distribution.  Google will have no choice but to come to terms with the networks. And the only company that will both own content and online distribution will be…Newscorp.

Worth a read.

In the Vortex — Emerging Video Ad Formats and Business Models

February 22, 2007


Dianne Mermigas of the Hollywood Reporter has a terrific article discussing the impact Google and metric driven web advertising will have on the still much larger TV advertising business. (Hat tip: Heavy founder Dave Carson).

Boiled down to its essence, the article makes a few elementary — but big — points.

Mermigas’s broad thesis is that “Internet-related practices and values are fast becoming common place, and altering old media’s business models and expectations. The rapid adoption of digital broadband media applications is bringing us to the tipping point. You don’t hear much, if anything, about advertising resisting the change, especially when the giant likes of Google and Yahoo! are tripping over each other to quantify and qualify every legal and ethical detail about the individual users they are delivering. ”

As traditional media practices and business models morph, expect changes to many tried and true media conventions.

First, the age old ritual of TV’s “up front” ad buy, in which media buyers and sellers converge on Madison Ave. to negotiate the following TV season’s ad buy en masse, is short for this world.  In its stead will be something along the lines of Google’s auction system, which attributes value not to a piece of content and its ratings but to the actual connection of relevant viewers to marketers.

Second, unlocking the value of this more direct and accountable connection will allow ad-based programming to replace the notion of paid access to content.

Finally, Mermigas predicts that advertisers and programmers alike ultimately will dissolve the dichotomy between the different platforms and evolve a set of formats across platforms.

“The nagging dichotomy between advertising form, function and price on traditional TV and on the Internet is in the process of rendering a new hybrid standard to extend across all media platforms. But this year, it is much more than an “either-or” ad spending proposition. It is about reinventing the effective and innovative ways advertisers and target customers interface in a global marketplace on fire with interactivity. Even if traditional media’s structural and psychological transformation don’t occur fast enough, advertisers now appear willing to break from convention to follow targeted consumers into customized, niche spaces. That’s the difference a year has made.”

Online Video Timeline

January 7, 2007


I just found this timeline for online video over on ReelPop. It is pretty good.