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Congrats Sheryl!

March 5, 2008


Dave Goldberg is an old buddy of mine from college.

Goldie, as we call him, is a great guy who is pretty talented in his own right (he did, after all, found Launch and then run Yahoo Music for way too many years).

But poor Goldie is sometimes overshadowed by his scary smart wife Sheryl who, it turns out, also has been scary successful. After cleaning up in the academic realm (not everyone graduates summa cum laude from Harvard or is a Baker scholar at HBS), Sheryl went on to such menial low impact jobs like being an economist at the World Bank and being Chief of Staff at the US Treasury Department. She then tried her hand at this Internet thing and was one of the early VPs, running a new little product called “AdSense” at this little Silicon Valley startup called “Google.” That worked out OK.

Yesterday Sheryl announced she was leaving Google to join another little web startup as COO — it is called “the Facebook.” Ever hear of it?

Congrats, and good luck, Sheryl — and, congrats to Facebook for landing her!