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Citizen Journalism

April 11, 2006


Had a fascinating conversation a couple days ago with a prominent journalist who has some pretty good thoughts on how make something really valuable (at least from the consumers' perspective) out of the new social media/user generated content movement. 

This is a subject I've been interested in for a while now, both because of an investment we are about to announce in the social media sector, and because it is something we've spent a fair amount of time being pitched on and discussing internally.  Not surprisingly, my partner Alan Spoon, who used to run the Washington Post Company, tends to be a magnet for these types of opportunities.

For any of you who are interested and haven't yet seen it, Steve Outing has pulled together a good thought piece over at Poynter Online. (hat tip to Rafat).

There also is a pretty good recent piece out there called We Media. Check it out here.


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